Scientific Abortion Laws

Scientific Abortion Laws

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The Law of New Life & DNA Replication

αWith regard to the DNA of the sperm and egg that will fuse in conception to create a new life form: The Law of New Life states that all new life starts with old DNA. What that means is that within all existing DNA is a code that creates new DNA. That newly made DNA is… (read more)

The problem with sonograms

This human looking sonogram is actually a sonogram of an ape. The sonogram to the left is a sonogram of an Ape. This sonogram illustrates the main problem with using a sonogram to identify a fetus as human life. The Ape has a 96/98 percent shared genetic code with humans. So just a small percent change… (read more)

It is settled, the Pro life movement admits to causing the death of babies.

All of the tenets of the “Law of Charity” are now conceded by the pro life movement to be valid and few arguments remain. The pro life movement in general has admitted to killing born life and all that remains to be discussed are peripheral issues. The following admissions are jointly agreed to and are no longer an issue for debate: 1…. (read more)

Pro Choice Primer #2

This is the second installment of the “Pro Choice Primer”. In the first installment this disclaimer was offered: —- Always keep in mind that every pro life claim to moral superiority of their cause is ultimately disproved by the fact that in order to save a fetus, a pro lifer must allow an innocent born… (read more)

Should we save babies or fetuses?

Loading… There are more people dying than we can save. In fact all 7 billion born people on earth are dying at the rate of 1.8 per second. If we spend 1 second “saving” fetuses then in that second, 1.8 born people die. So who do you think should be saved, the fetuses or born… (read more)

Pro Choice Primer #1

This post is intended to be the starting point for a Primer to teach the application of scientific laws to be applied to the issue of abortion. The hope is that people will copy and paste the information here, as an answer,  into any debate with a pro life advocate.  The main intent of these first posts is… (read more)

My response to the Toronto Students for Life

University of Toronto Students for Life said:  Hi Russell, “Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m not sure if I follow your logic though.” Thank you for answering. I can help you understand the logic. “1) If you’re not sure whether “the product of conception” is alive,” A fraction of the products of conception… (read more)

The “Zygote Uncertainty Principle”

The “Zygote Uncertainty Principle” “It is impossible to tell at fertilization if a zygote is alive, human, or will live to birth.” Until the DNA of the genotype expresses the correct phenotype it is impossible to tell if the product of conception is alive, has enough human DNA to live as a human or if it… (read more)

The Law of Charity does not depend on resources

Perhaps one of the most difficult concepts for a person to understand is that the Law of Charity outlined in the scientific laws that control abortion does not depend on resources. The law states that there are more people dying than can be saved. The theory that is most popular with regard to the… (read more)

HB2 is a cure found for a problem that does not exist.

hospital emergency sign

HB2 is about death. The Texas Legislature saw a problem that really did not exist and decided to fix it. There were “0” maternal abortion related deaths in Texas in 2010 and that is not good for the pro-life movement. We as Texans must cure this problem so that women… may die as they should for exercising their constitutional… (read more)

Today’s fetal pain testimony before the Texas Senate

There are 1.8 born babies, children and adults dying each second. Rick Perry and the Texas legislature have a choice, they can choose to save those born babies or they may choose to let those babies die and instead attempt to force the birth of a fetus that may or may not be alive and… (read more)

Who should live, who should be allowed to die?

Each human on earth should have a fair and equal chance of living without state or government enforced limitations as to who is allowed to live and who shall die. Pro life laws choose to save fetuses at the cost of born life.  One life or potential life should not be placed above another and made more important by government… (read more)

Comments on Fetal Pain

Doctors On Fetal Pain has placed a number of citations on their site that they claim support their idea that there is proof of fetal pain. This post will explore some of the citations and the comments of the scientist that Doctors on Fetal Pain falsely claim support their cause. Here are the citations and comments… (read more)

Senate to play games with women’s rights

I sit here with sadness in the Senate Chambers waiting to testify on a bill that would allow businesses (hospitals) to determine if a woman has a right to abortion. The bill would transfer the power to determine who receives an abortion to non public hospital adminstrators. The decision of where abortion clinics are located… (read more)

It is impossible to prove fetal pain.

I am sitting in the Texas Legislative hearing on fetal pain. As I sit here I am viewing a Youtube video on surgery without anesthesia. In the video the herbalist is doing brain surgery with no pain killers of any type for his patient. The patient is clearly not feeling any pain whatsoever. One would logically expect… (read more)

The most important graph in the history of the abortion issue.

The above chart shows that after the legalization of the birth control “Pill” the number of births dropped by more than 1 million and then rebounded when abortion was legalized. The pro life movement did not control for the “Pill” and that lead to losing more than 1 million babies per year. 1)   Right now,… (read more)

The four types of human life, male diploid, female diploid, S….

Human life is a continuous process that began 3.5 million years ago and continues today. There is no point at which one can say life begins. For that reason there are four types of humans. There are male diploid, female diploid, and the haploid humans, sperm and egg. Each of these types of human are… (read more)

Wasting resources wastes life.

The pro life movement is about to spend millions of dollars defending fetal heart beat bills originating in several states, These laws have no chance of surviving in court. Why not repeal the laws and use the money to save the lives of born citizens?—- Or just don’t defend the laws. Why cause the death of your uninsured… (read more)

Personhood is impossible to prove.

The entire pro life movement is based upon the false idea that “life at conception” can be proved and is true. The fact is that it is impossible to prove that a life exists until birth. Why? Because until the DNA of the genotype expresses the correct phenotype, one cannot tell if the product of… (read more)

The Nazis, the Pro Lifers and the 360 movie. The pro life movement in the United States can be traced back to the pro life movement under the Nazi regimes. The connecting link is the Catholic Church. The false belief that there is life at conception is based upon the ideas of the Church that were falsely substantiated by the Nazis and used… (read more)

The effect of the birth control pill on births in Texas

The graph above is of the period of time from the invention and use of the birth control pill until 2006. The graph shows that after the invention of the pill the number of births decreased in Texas and after Roe v Wade the number of births increased. The claim of the State Legislature is… (read more)

One of the greatest errors of the Pro Life movement.

There are a multitude of errors in the logic of the pro life movement. One of the most eggregious is the idea that there is “Human Life at Conception”. The fact is that 70 percent of conceptions do not live beyond the first trimester and of those that do not live, 60 percent do not have… (read more)

The Pill and the Pro Life movement


The above chart shows that after the legalization of the birth control “Pill” in 1960 the number of births dropped by more than 1 million and then rebounded when abortion was legalized. The pro life movement did not control for the “Pill” and that lead to losing more than 1 million babies per year. 1)  … (read more)

The “Law of Charity” and Triage

01 baby picture from internet

 If one chooses to save life, then the “Law of Charity” makes it clear, one must choose to save either the born baby or the fetus.   It is impossible to save both. Society should save the most life possible. Society should not place more value on the life of the fetus than it places… (read more)

A product of conception with DNA so flawed it cannot live as a human.

Let’s say that you are pregnant with this fetus and you are not a pro lifer. But suppose the pro lifers were in fact in charge. What is the correct pro life position according to many pro life physicians? “We should not kill an unborn baby to alleviate the suffering of the mother any more… (read more)