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Scientific Abortion Laws

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The most important graph in the history of the abortion issue.


The above chart shows that after the legalization of the birth control “Pill” the number of births dropped by more than 1 million and then rebounded when abortion was legalized. The pro life movement did not control for the “Pill” and that lead to losing more than 1 million babies per year.
1)   Right now, 1.8 born babies, children and adults are dying each second and 1.4 abortions occur each second. There is no way to save all the lives that are being lost. Therefore we must choose whom to save and whom to let die. The fact is that the pro life movement chooses to save fetuses and to let born babies die. There are no lives saved. All that occurs is that born babies are sacrificed to save fetuses. In fact if a pro lifer chooses to spend 1 second saving fetuses, then in that second 1.8 born babies, children or adults will die, in a minute 108 born people will die and in 10 minutes 1080 born babies, children or adults will die.
According to the “Law of Charity” it is impossible to save all life, because everyone dies. For that reason, the only reasonable method of saving life is via triage.
2)   70 percent of conceptions die in the first trimester. Of those that die 60 percent die due to genetic flaws. What that means is that 42 percent of all conceptions cannot live as human beings and are rejected by the body and aborted, 30 percent live to birth and become born humans and 28 percent die for other reasons and also do not become born humans. What this shows is that there are more human conceptions that cannot produce human life than there are conceptions that lead to human life. For that reason, life at conception cannot be claimed to occur, because most of the time it is not life that will produce a living human.
3) Until the DNA of the genotype expresses the correct phenotype, it is impossible to tell if the product of conception is human or alive. In fact most genotypes do not produce born human life. Of the life that is produced 42 percent cannot live as human life, 30 percent can and do become human life and 28 percent will die and also not become born human life. For this reason one cannot prove that there is life at conception, that the life is human or that the life will produce a human at birth.
4) The claim is made that 55,000,000 deaths have occurred due to abortion. However the graph that accompanies these sheets shows that in fact the pro life movement caused the loss of millions of births before Roe v Wade and that today the Pro Choice movement has saved millions of lives. The theory of the pro life movement is that zygotes are equal in all respects to born babies, however that is scientifically impossible as shown by the fact that a fetus cannot be proved to be human or alive.
And the idea that a zygote is a baby fails for multiple reasons. First if a zygote is a baby, then a sperm is also a baby at an earlier stage. The claim is that the zygote is a fully formed baby at an earlier stage due to the fact that it has all the DNA of a born human. However, the fact is that the DNA does not produce a born human most of the time. The sperm is a gamete which is an earlier stage of the zygote. If there were no sperm there would be no zygote.

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